Supporting your communication journey


Whether your child has an autism diagnosis or you think that they may be autistic, I can help you along your journey.  Whether it be that they need help with their language or help making friends, my training and experience, both personal and professional, make me an excellent fit for helping you and your family to meet your goals in a neurodiversity-affirming (accepting) way.

Early Language

If your child is below 55 months old, please feel free to fill out the appropriate E.R.I.K. screening form to see if there is cause for concern about their language development. I can help you work with your child to add language into their daily routines and play. Helping a child with their language should be fun and playful, so your child won't even know that they're doing therapy. 


Are you having a hard time understanding your child's pronunciation? Or perhaps you yourself have been having a hard time being understood by others? I can help you and your child hone their speech skills.

Want to speak with me directly about how I can best suit your needs?